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How to Build an Inspiring and Productive Workplace at Home

How to Build an Inspiring and Productive Workplace at Home

Most people working from home have adapted to the new work environment considering the past few months of the WFH situation. With little signs of the pandemic slowing down, work from home will continue to be the new way to work for most of us for a while.

The significant impact of WFH is employees struggling to stay inspired yet productive due to their distance from a physical office and team. Organizations are doing numerous things to give their workers the feeling of an office right at home. It's about time for a mandatory home office to cope with new demands, new challenges and a new way to work.

Adapting Towards New Way to Work

While it is challenging to work from home under any circumstances, the pandemic situation has brought resilience, ingenuity and adaptation in the workplace. Employees working remotely are constantly playing with different spaces and postures to accomplish their tasks.

Employees might still miss the workplace and the social bonds they can make over a cup of coffee with their co-workers. And when the office doors reopen, they may find that they have grown accustomed to some of their routines at home.

In the meantime, adapting to the current work from home situation is imperative. For instance, switching to an ergonomic office chair instead of their sofa will help. They need to focus on bringing home the familiar physical office elements and make their home workspace a complete productivity hub.

Elements to Create A Productive Workplace at Home

Improve your chances of successful work from home by creating a suitable workspace and atmosphere conducive to focus and productivity. Here are a few things that will help you set-up your workspace immediately.

Comfortable Seating

Sitting on a sofa or lounge for the whole working day is never recommended, yet the relaxed lounge seating positions allow for a welcome change of pace.

But employees, who are used to a comfortable chair, can bring the same comfort back to their home office.

If you already have a great desk, getting a comfortable seat will help enhance productivity and also avoid back pains.

Perfect Lighting Arrangement

Light up your work set up with subtle or indirect lighting as much as possible.

Minimize the glare from overhead lights and sunlight by using desk and floor lamps. Position the furniture such that the natural light arrives from the side or behind you. Paint a cool egg-blue robin or calming warm yellow or subdued tangerine on the walls and hang a favourite photo or piece of art in your line of sight.

A qualitative lighting technique may be combining light with shadows, which can add a sense of depth to a room, promoting a comfortable and soothing work environment. Consider the overall look and feel of your workspace as a starting point.

Create Your Home Office Set-up

Splurge on a convenient ergonomically friendly and attractive desk chair. It should be the best size and design for the home office and your personal tastes because it is where you spend a lot of your working time.

Our height adjustable WFH desk is one solution for those searching for ways to warm up or personalize their home office surroundings.

By choosing custom table tops built from natural hardwoods and solid composite materials, employees can add great character to their workspace.

custom table tops

Decorative Elements to Make an Inspiring Workplace

Decorate your home office with a few unique things that contribute to your spiritual or mental health.

If you're a nature lover, add some flower pots or keep a bright vase of fresh flowers on your desk.

Arrange driftwood bits and a couple of special shells in a glass bowl to keep your desk refreshing.

Using Adequate Storage for Everything

When you don't have the proper place to put items — files, pens, calculators, etc., it will result in clutter.

Keep a tidy, safe and organized workspace in your home office. Clear the clutter and everything that you don't require while working. Place papers and materials in drawers, hold pens and pencils on your desk in a holder and place research materials on a readily accessible shelf.

A pedestal or a desk with drawers is a great start. The filing of cabinets, shelves and even storage cabinets allow you to stash all the small items you need to run your office work properly.

storage cabinets

It’s About Time to Set Up Your Remote Workplace

You can take advantage of the versatility of a new way to work work from home, to get your job done from anywhere.

But creating an inspiring and successful home workspace means you've to create a workspace where you know you can concentrate and think of innovative ideas.

This post gives you some great ideas about how to improve your home workspace for improved productivity and performance.

How is your work-from-home experience? What do you miss when you work at home? Leave your thoughts with us.

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