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The Ultimate Work From Home Checklist

The Ultimate Work From Home Checklist

Now it’s been months while we all are working from home! But how many of you have discovered the best way to work from home effectively?

Let us help you here with a quick checklist to simply manage the remote tasks and team collaboration.

When working from home, all of us have to reconsider our everyday lives and to discover new ways to achieve our business goals.

Different steps have been adopted by countries to avoid large groups of people to restrict the spread of the virus. 

Corporations around the world have adopted remote work methods for workers, and now we are all used to the same thing.

Not every organization can easily operate remotely with its workers, but the need to adapt has forced more and more companies to change their approach and try to make remote work feasible.

It can be difficult, but it can actually prove to be very beneficial for you and your team with the right set of tools, space, and discipline.

There are ways to match the productivity level, to avoid anxiety, and managing conference calls with your team.

It is crucial to follow this checklist when planning to work from home to be completely prepared and save you from the common challenges that most remote workers face. 


Working from home could be new to a few of you, so if you're unable to move back and forth between your home and the workplace, you'll want to make sure that you have the right home office set-up to get your work done. You'll want to build a space with the right set of furniture and tools that combine both comfort and efficiency. 


Anything that used to occur in an office, conferences, birthday parties, celebrations can now occur online via the magic of technology. Discussions and updates that happen inside the forum are on the record with networking tools like Slack, viewable by everyone. It is a massive benefit for a remote team to be able to find the appropriate details easily, without having to ask anyone else. So be sure to choose resources that facilitate the activities that will help the success of your remote team. 


While you could be tempted to work in randomized hours during the day with the flexibility to work from home, it actually helps to maintain a strict timeline. Have a routine of waking up, eating at the same time, and working in set hours. It will give you peace of mind, keep you efficient, and eventually give you more leisure time with friends and family and hobbies beyond work.  Even though there are misconceptions against the effectiveness of those who work from home, as long as you hold yourself responsible, you can be highly efficient and productive. 


Organize your time and work, along with your workspace. Keep your schedule ready for regular tasks, catch up on Slack every morning for five minutes, and always clean your inbox before logging off in the evenings. This helps you finish the tasks on time and your mind stays calm and focused. 

Keep a dedicated room for work items such as documents, office equipment, and additional technology. 


Make a list of your goals and tasks. What do you need to accomplish, by when, and what changes do you need to make to your initial periodic schedule and objectives? Write it up so that you can start with your team to discuss it. Creating a document that acts as a source of facts can help prevent misunderstandings. You may also share the paper with the teams with whom you cooperate. Organize a team meeting to clarify whether there are any new expectations with work from home.


If people are more comfortable with working in an office setting where they obtain daily feedback, the silence may lead to uncertainty or confusion due to a work from home scenario. When they don't get daily input from their supervisors, it's easy for people to presume the worst. Periodic feedback allows workers to know where they are standing and during a more formal analysis decreases the risk of a mistake and disputes. 


When you move from an office to a remote environment, you can be concerned about preserving the corporate culture. How will your team bond, when the coworkers do not see each other or conduct unplanned potlucks? One of the most productive ways of engaging a diverse workforce is to build a mutual community of encouragement, collaboration, pride, and appreciation of the fact that we are all human. 


It is more important than ever when working from home to build spaces and ways to connect with your colleagues beyond assignments and status updates. Working from home will bring about feelings of isolation suddenly. 

The formation of virtual teams will help replace important means of contact that are lacking while working from home. 


Breaks are essential! How you want to spend your time, will decide whether your break is indeed effective in keeping you motivated. Set your own regular breaks where you could do something totally different from sitting at your desk. Get up and do some workouts, go for a short walk outside, or do some exercises at home. You may be shocked by how positively it can change your attitude when you have the opportunity to take a break and gain a new perspective. 


Work from home men so many distractions: household tasks, family members, and the temptation to take a quick break that lasts for hours. The efficiency you had when a boss looked over your shoulder can be diminished by the freedom of working from home. Turn on the 'Do Not Disturb' feature of your mobile and then place it out of sight. This will help you fight the urge to check social media or messages when you're working.

Now We Are All Set To Work From Home Effectively!

It can be immensely pleasant or incredibly frustrating to work from home. Your ultimate purpose is not to constantly worry about work while you are at home and set limits that allow you to take care of your physical and mental health during the day. This checklist will allow you to adjust to this new lifestyle easily and build your own higher efficiency work-from-home habits.

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