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Desk Dilemmas: How to Create a Productive WFH Spot

Desk Dilemmas: How to Create a Productive WFH Spot

Are you looking for ways to set up a work-from-home space that is as usable and convenient as possible? As we all trying to avoid going out to stores and several stores are actually closed, you have to develop a homemade workstation using furniture and accessories you have around your home.

Most of you have set up temporary home offices for the pandemic that will not work well in the long term. The work from home desk setup and the ergonomics of the workspace is crucial in addition to getting the right equipment, particularly in order to prevent repetitive strain injuries that can be caused by a bad setup.

Ideally, for the necessary need to distinguish work life from home life, you can use a small space that can accommodate a desk and computer equipment and whose door can be locked.

Most people do not have spare rooms, but you may transform a guest room into a dual-purpose room: an office most of the time and a guest room.

And whether you have a desk or not, creating a dedicated room that is free of distractions can be difficult, whether it's your children, housemates, or Netflix's temptation. But how do you build a productivity-promoting WFH setup?

The Best Setup For Your Home Office

Ideally, a long-term home office should be a separate room in your home that is appropriately designed for work, but you can convert any space into your home office with just a few things.

To build an effective, secure workspace for the long term, do as much of the following as you can.

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Occasional Setup

Choose your workplace first. There's no need to devote an entire room to your work if your place is on the small side. Set upon a flat surface that's fairly wide for your work essentials.

Use the dining table as a desk, or use your dressing table if you're lost in space, just make sure there's enough room to fit a chair underneath.

Staying on the couch? A side table makes a huge difference, or a rough surface like a tray with a cushion underneath works just as well if that's a no-go. Only make sure that you keep the TV turned off.

Set up appropriate lighting

You'll want to set up appropriate lighting in your home office to minimize eyestrain. It's beneficial to find a sunny spot by a window.

Consider using a floor lamp or table lamp to build a well-lit desk if you need to supplement the overhead lighting.

Perfect Work Seating

It's all about having proper support for your back when it comes to chairs. If you can arrange, go for an office chair, or if not, a dining chair with a backrest would do the job.

And don't forget, wherever you decide to sit, to prevent aches and pains, it's important to change positions regularly. Be sure to prop yourself up with fluffy cushions to protect your back if you plan to sit on the sofa.

Keep Your Workspace Organized

Make sure the setup for your WFH is clean and tidy. If you are working in a multifunctional space, your friend is the adaptable storage.

To clear away everything you don't use, use storage units and stack them under shelves.


Using a combination of a display cabinet and a desk with plenty of storage to provide a basic workstation is important. Structured storage should help make it easier to function and maximize space for your workstation.

Create an Ergonomic Work From Home Desk Setup

You may not be set up with an ergonomic office chair if unexpectedly working from home came to you as a surprise, but you can always find the next best option.

Try to fit a chair and table or other surfaces that helps you to work without hunching over at your desk or laptop. It's ideal to have a chair that is comfortable and offers back support.

Most Productive Desk Setup Ideas

You would be more efficient with a well-designed office workspace, whether you have moved your job from an office to home or just need a place to browse the web, pay bills, or check emails.

But what if you don't have space for an actual office at home? If you can find the right small desk, it will not be a problem.

Here are some great small space solutions, from floating furniture to standing risers, to give you inspiration.

Lara Desk


The beautiful wood finish and compact design make it a perfect match for the home office. It's a traditional, contemporary desk gadget in the mid-century style that suits in every building. It is a style that matches art-deco and contemporary homes well with its slender legs and angular back panel.

Fold Desk

portable folding desk

The best feature of this portable folding desk is that, without any difficulty, it can be easily moved from one position to another. You can switch it smoothly from one room to the other in case of need. This is one such desk that gives you a single piece of furniture for various uses.

Connect Eco

Connect ECO Wall-Mounted desk

The Connect ECO Wall-Mounted desk is a modern office desk made of a magnetic whiteboard fabric panel that gives it an elegant look. For your home office, Black Oakwood Finish gives it a classy and royal look. A great addition to your work desk is the trendy Yellow Multipurpose Pen Stand.

Ready to Create a Productive WFH Spot?

The home office can eventually make you feel relaxed and contribute to your well-being. This should be a place where, by growing your productivity, you do your best job and helps you to remain healthy while working.

Hopefully, these ideas for work from home desk setup will help you feel excited about working from home, whether it's a short-term modification or the new normal.

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