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8 Must-Have Standing Desk Accessories

8 Must-Have Standing Desk Accessories

 It may be tough to picture the last time you were glued onto a computer without a shoulder or neck cramp by the evening.

An ergonomic setup in your workspace has many who struggled with health issues due to stagnant working pattern.

A Sit-Stand desk has become a popular choice amongst the numerous ergonomic furniture categories.  Once an office favorite this contraption easily made its way to home offices as well with increasing number of people working remotely.

As for the benefits, there are many reasons a Sit-Stand desk brings in some much-needed mobility in usually sedentary work life. For starters, it uplifts both your productivity and mood. Your back also has a comfortable stance, and it saves you from crouching at the screen all day.

Since you've found your way to this blog, it's safe to assume you're reading this from behind a standing desk. Along with the table, you need some essential standing desk accessories that create a comprehensive remote workstation for increased efficiency.

So, read on to discover the accessories that will make your home desk wholly worthwhile!

1. Monitor Arm

Work screens need to be in the center of our eye-span. If placed lower or sideways, your neck will bear the brunt of these ill-angles and lead to chronic pain.

A monitor arm or mount complements your standing work table in the most posture-friendly manner. With a flexible set-up, you can adjust your monitor at eye level while standing or seated sans any neck strain. For those working with more than one monitor, you can adjust and place your screens conveniently without developing a stiff back.

This way, you'll be working in the best ergonomic position for your body and making the most of your sit-stand workstation. With better focus and reduced physical strain, you'll surprise yourself with the new, improved efficiency.

2. Mobile Keyboard Tray

There's a lot to type, and it can get tricky, especially when behind a standing desk.

Our height adjustable desk gives room to design and customize your workstation in the best interest of your health. Installing a movable keyboard space takes the pressure off the wrists and elbows that may hurt if strained for long.

Adjustable keyboards help maintain neutral wrist positions, no matter your height or arm length. No matter how you angle the keyboard, make sure to align your wrist with elbows.

This not only helps improve productivity but helps keep your desk space clear and minimal as the keyboard's pushed back when not in use.

3. Multipurpose Display Board

Standing work tables are just modified versions of regular tables. Having a display board around it will help tidy your workspace, keep your goals within focus, and promote productivity.

Display boards are highly functional, save space, and define your work area - especially when working from home.

Whether it's for quick notes, to pin-up ideas whenever they dawn on you, to placing other work desk accessories – our dual-toned Multipurpose Pin-up Display Board will fit right in your converted home-office space. With a magnetic whiteboard panel division, it's the functional furniture your remote office area needs beside the desk.

4. Pen Stand

Pens and markers have this unique trickery to not be found in times of most necessity. One of the essential desk accessories has to be the humble pen stand—an important element of an organized workspace and the best place for storing all other stationery like staplers, and scissors.

Get a pop of color to your work desk with the Stylish Yellow Multipurpose Pen Stand. The sturdy Birchwood build and top-notch quality ensure nothing gets in the way of a clean and tidy office desk.

5. Book Stand cum Divider

Even in remote work, your modern office desk will never be free of papers and files. A few favorite books on motivation and productivity are also much needed to pull you out of a slug.

While it's simple to stack them all up, a mini-book stand could give that straightened look to your standing work desk.

Keeping this in mind, we've designed the perfectly suited Book Stand that doubles into a Divider. The hint of rosewood energizes a workspace while three spacious segments help keep the clutter at bay.


6. Metal Tray

Trays are a good idea for all the knick-knacks that cannot be far from your desk.

They are ideal for desktop accessories like earplugs or styluses and make a huge difference to keep your space tidy. This helps you focus better and maintain a clutter-free work environment.

A compact desk organizer like this Metal Tray is also equally great to fit your letter pads, post-its, mouse, and other mini work-essentials.

Place one on the desk or stack them up to optimize limited workspace and make the most of an orderly desk.

7. Table Lamp

Working from home, you can customize elements as per your liking - an option otherwise unavailable at common workplaces.

Lighting, an important element, uplifts a space and your mood to set the right tone. This is also key if you primarily work at night. Don't miss it out when picking desk accessories for your work area. Studies say LED lamps increase work efficiency and are environment-friendlier than other types.

Sturdy yet light ones are the best bet to go on your standing work table. Opt for lamps with maneuvering necks and touch panels to add a sleek and put-together look.

8. Desk Plant

A plant isn't a functional accessory per se but scores high on aesthetics. Pick out miniature plants like Jade or Syngonium to liven up your workspace. They are known to boost creativity and keep stress levels in check while you work.

Plants aid in air purification by reducing bacteria and toxins in the air. Besides, your green friends will help enhance the workplace moisture level significantly reduced by air conditioners.

We have just the solution to help you place your green babies without ruining your work setup – a storage unit with planter on top. Arrange the plant pots on top of this unit and use the three adjustable shelves to store extra files, devices, and other work documents. 


Neat desks help clear your mind and boost productivity. Having moved to a standing work desk for health benefits, add these cool accessories to elevate your work experience to new heights.

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