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10 Simple Steps To Choose Your Ideal Coffee Table

A coffee table is a key element of your overall floor plan and you want to make sure it looks impressive and fits well in your space. But what size and style will suit your living area? Don't worry; we're here to help!

Choosing a coffee table for your living room might seem like an easy task when you first think about it.  You walk into a store you like, pick your favorite piece, and go home with it, but after further observation, there are many more decisions in picking the right coffee table that fits well in your living room.


Let us define a few simple and quick steps to pick a right coffee table for your living room:


It is important to divide your total budget into categories such as accessories, furniture and decor. The couch, side tables, chairs and coffee table are part of the furniture line, with a greater portion assigned to the larger pieces.

There are plenty of coffee tables you can choose from, all of which fall into different price ranges, from budget-friendly to super expensive. Fix a budget for your coffee table to make your decision easier; determine how much you are prepared to spend on a coffee table and then choose wisely.


After you fix a budget, think about the scale and size of the coffee table you want. Two variables depend on the size  and scale of the coffee table: the size of the space and the seating arrangement. Choose a coffee table with a perfect height and size to hold your glasses and plates easily and easily reached by your guests. The appropriate scale should be considered for each piece of furniture in your room. Place  your overstuffed sofa with a large table.


Just like the size, the coffee table's shape is also significant. A rectangular coffee table would be ideal if you have a large size or L-shaped sofa, or if your seating arrangement is a little compact, a square-shaped coffee table is appropriate. A round coffee table will be a better choice if you have infants or toddlers at your place, as the sharp corners or edges would not hurt them.



Nothing is more uncomfortable than a coffee table that's too high or too low. Opt for a coffee table that is the same height as your sofa or one to two inches lower to ensure you feel relaxed in your living room. The usual height of the coffee table is about 16 or 18 inches and goes well with a regular-sized sofa.


Formal, casual, trendy or vintage; these are all designs to think about buying your coffee table. Choose a sleek metal table with a glass top if you prefer a contemporary look. A rustic table would be ideal if a country casual is more your speed. There are several styles to choose from, just use as your guide the decorating scheme of the room.


Knowing what the main use will be is another significant aspect. Is it going to make the table more decorative, or have storage? How much room is sufficient? Tables will come with shelves or drawers to hold everything from children's toys to the magazine stash. Choose a piece of furniture that will carry drinks and snack dishes with ease. If decor is more the intent, you can concentrate on one with lines and texture.


A variety of materials are available for coffee tables to choose from. It is entirely an individual decision to select the material or the one that suits the décor. A glass top over steel or brass offers a modern or sophisticated look, while a wooden designer table is modern and elegant.


You may select a table in a small space that comes with a lower deck or storage drawers. From stationery, magazines, game boards to coasters, napkins, remote controls, Stowaway. This table provides elegant storage with three drawers, highlighting a retro mid-century piece in the image above, wrapped in leather.


Evaluate whether your room has a particular color scheme that a coffee table would need to fall into or not. If, for instance, you have all natural colors, then a table with a pop color tone  can be too startling for the room.

Though it's definitely appropriate to play with color, make sure that you do not build a space with no clear color scheme, as this may make the room feel haphazard and chaotic. This is how color plays an important role while buying a coffee table. Pairing it with the sofa color is another way for you to render the center table in tune with the rest of the furniture and let the couch cushions complement the coffee table.


You spent a quality time knowing the right shape, ideal height, suitable style for your center table in the living room. It's time to visit the best place now, where you can get the full coffee table choices. For stylish coffee tables, visit Atmosphere site. The exquisite collection of center tables that beautifully merge fashion and functionality can be purchased online on our website.


Now that you have set your budget, decided your coffee table design, functionality, size and material, all that is left for you to do is start shopping for the perfect coffee table for the living room.

When you shop, if you keep the above factors in mind, we assure you that without any hassle, you will be able to pick the right coffee table to fit your room.

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