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How To Create The Perfect Home-Office

How To Create The Perfect Home-Office

WFH has been the new normal since a while but has our way of functioning progressed to this normality? You're probably finishing the job on time, but do you have the office-like perfection and focus?

Let's explore this more. Nearly everybody's job has come home and we've learned to strike a balance between living and working.

Some people may not miss the office but are bound to want a workstation that would support their work and help them better concentrate.

Ergonomic furniture such as the right chair, height-adjustable desk in the right corner of the house will make work productive and avoid body aches as well. Our daily home furnishings are not intended to be as conducive to safe work.

While comfort is important in any office, a too casual office could seriously hinder the ability to get things done. You have to find a way to isolate yourself from the rest of the domestic goings-on and all other common and natural home sounds and interruptions.

That means we might have left the perfect workspace behind while working from home.

Needless to say, having a good workspace in form and function, right at home, is important in the new normal. Hence we are offering, through Atmosphere, the very suitably called Work from Home Furniture. It is our uniquely designed collection of furniture to fit working from home.

Each piece has been built to match your needs in terms of comfort, aesthetics and expectations for an ideal home workspace.

It includes sleek, adjustable tables and chairs at the designer centre, among others the comfortable and posture-saving armchair.

Here are some of the solutions to build your own modern and experimental workspaces to get you started.

Ergonomic Desk & Chair

So ensure your working day sails smoothly ahead, the right desk and chair with ergonomic features and a supportive atmosphere are important for an ideal office setup.

Ergonomic Desk

It's vital to your fitness, safety and welfare. The products you select should also be crafted ergonomically to support your health and safety when using them.

Designers have made major changes for computer users in terms of adjustability and comfort.

The Ultimate Storage Companion

It’s essential to use a combination of a display cabinet & a desk with plenty of storage to provide a simple workstation. Structured storage should help make it easier for your workstation to work and optimize space.

Structured storage

The right combination of open & closed storage helps you to organize your office essentials in the open units while the other things can be inside the drawers to avoid clutter.

Multifunctional Stools and Tables

Since we all spend all of our time at home, our living rooms are the family's new playground. Often the coffee table is the children's dinner table or study table.

Consider using multi-functional nested stools and tables that serve as extra seats without eating in your room and keeping your living room clean.

Using a coffee table with smaller stools that are easy to pass around and provide extra space for online classes or an home-office table.

Work From Your Living Room

Many of us don't have the privilege of creating a dedicated home office. Through easy updates we can turn our living room into a productivity oasis. Using a support pillow to make sure you are sitting while working and not slouching onto your sofa.

A small table that turns your living room into a laptop table when needed means there is no additional furniture or clutter in it.

To most of us adapting to virtual meetings and work from home preparation was a challenge. It can be much more difficult to get the job completed at home without a dedicated workspace.

Are You Ready To Set-up Your Home-Office?

Invest in some minor improvements that will turn your home into a positive zone without taking up much room space or disrupting your current setup. Stay successful, and remain stable.

Our convertible and ergonomic product range is designed to cater for the versatile needs of every consumer. It's time to transform your home workstation.

It's time, we align our minds and backbones in peace and comfort for more focus and productivity while working from home.

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