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Less Is More: 15 Pieces Of Furniture You May Not Really Need

Does your home look cluttered and disorganized? Look around your room and see if you really need all those furniture. Maybe you really don't! 

Think of a home like the ones that adorn design magazines. There is minimalism in the new trend in modern furniture design. Everything always seems to be simpler and attention has been shifted from busy designs to simpler ones with enhanced features.

Let’s look at how to re-evaluate your furniture setup.

Perhaps you're asking: What could I possibly get rid of? Every piece of furniture serves an important function, doesn't it?

Well, it depends. As lifestyles have changed over time, so have the living room and bedroom setups.

Here is a list of 15 pieces of furniture that you can avoid or you may not really need in order to make a clutter-free space.


Dressing tables take up a lot of space in your room which can be avoided if replaced with a wall mirror and a wooden shelf to keep your essentials.

Adding wall mirrors to small interiors gives a cheerful and spacious vibe. In addition, the solid wood shelf adds an element of natural beauty and solves your storage needs.


TV units are a common piece of furniture, especially in bedrooms. Traditional looking entertainment units are usually large in size which takes up a lot of your room space. 

Replace large and bulky furniture with a wall-mounted entertainment unit. In terms of aesthetics and practicality, the range of modern TV units provides a lot of different options. While other TV units occupy whole walls, the sleek and space-conscious TV units take up a small space and provide plenty of space for storage.

If you’re not someone who likes having the television in your place, then the best option is to have a cozy study table or a small bookshelf carved into your space.


You need a desk but don’t have room for a desk?

The solution? A fold-down desk can solve this problem. Use it when you need and keep it against the wall to save up your room space.

These desks come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. For your office supplies, some also have built-in storage. If and when you work from home, they're a perfect storage solution for your bedroom.

Replace your large desk and keep a sleek and small desk to solve your purpose.


Having a recliner in the bedroom can be a great way to relax, but it’s not a necessity. It covers a large portion of your room and sometimes it becomes a place for your clothes or books.

Keep a cozy folding chair where you can relax and watch TV or read books. Folding chairs come in different shapes and sizes with a variety of designs to perfectly suit your room’s interior.


In a small house, dining tables take up too much space, especially large-sized rectangular tables.

For smaller homes where the table serves a multi-functional purpose, square dining tables are the ideal shape, as they can be pushed neatly into the corner of the room. A square table is an obvious choice if there are only two or four people in your household.


When we are saying no to dining tables, then there is no need for dining chairs. Dining sets take up a lot of space in your hall or living room.

If you consider keeping a small dining table, then use low-seated dining chairs which can be easily kept under the table.

Use multipurpose chairs which can also be used for reading or work from home.


Corner tables add to the beauty of your room, but at the same time, it covers a large area of your space. You either keep a beautiful marble vase on it or use it to keep your laptop bag.

ladder shelf is a great replacement for your large-size corner table. It takes a small space of your room and can keep an equal number of items as your corner table.


Usually, in every living room, the coffee table lies in front of the couch and the end table is placed at the side. 

The end table can add a point of interest or finishing touch to the interior of your living room, but it is an extra piece of furniture that is not really required.

The ideal solution is to use a small coffee or center table and when not in need you can use it as an end table.


You might have storage cabinets in every room of your home. There is no doubt that storage cabinets are essential to keep your house organized.

The smart move is to buy other furniture pieces with in-built storage space. This way you can keep other furniture items without compromising your interior looks.


Are you a tea or coffee lover? Then there must be a piece of separate furniture taking extra space in your room.

Don’t worry we are not asking to remove it, just replace your wide and large coffee table with a sleek and small one.

Portable Coffee Table is the perfect option to pick. The Elegant Portable Coffee Table is perfect for your comfortable and competent lifestyle. It can fit in any corner and takes up a small space.


A bulky jewelry armoire lying on your dresser is obsolete and redundant, regardless of whether or not you have an expensive collection of jewelry. Massive cabinets of jewelry occupy an excessive amount of space.

A wall-mounted jewelry armoire is a perfect solution for you if you definitely want an elegant piece of jewelry furniture to help you complete your makeup tasks while keeping your trinkets and pendants well organized. 

The compact design that is stylish and functional does not take up too much room space. It can be easily built in your hallway, bedroom, or anywhere in your house.


Everyone wants a resting piece of furniture in the bedroom and a Bedroom Couch is the first thing that comes to mind.

But keeping a bedroom couch is not an ideal solution for your small-spaced room. It’s an extra piece of furniture that takes up a lot of space. 

Keep a sleek and minimalistic couch with storage units under it, if you can’t live without a bedroom couch. 


Speaker stand has now become obsolete. You can keep your speakers at your desk or on your TV unit.

The wooden speaker stands work well in large houses, where you have a separate home theatre or music room.

In a small space, it’s an unnecessary piece of furniture which you may not really need.


Most individuals tend to have two nightstands in the bedroom as they help to create design balance and maximize storage space.

But it takes up too much space in your bedroom. 

Do you want to brighten up a room with a unique solution for storage? Only one shelf floor lamp can solve the dual purpose for you! To give you a bookshelf and floor lamp all in one, a surprisingly bright lantern lamp is combined with extra shelves.



Buffet or sideboard adds beauty and style to your dining space. But these are not the furniture pieces that you really require, especially when you are living in a small apartment.

Replace your buffet or sideboard with small side tables that are multi-functional. Use it to keep your food and other essentials.


Have you ever been to a room that feels peaceful and calm? The overall peace and comfort are improved by getting just the right amount of space between the items in your room.

Keep a note of the above 15 pieces of furniture that you may not really need and get rid of clutter to make your dream house look perfect and organized.

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