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9 Eco-friendly Affordable Furniture Sources For A Stylish Home

We're spending a lot of time in our homes these days. But in your house, how safe is the environment? 

If we kit out our eco-cribs with ethical and sustainable furniture, it is much safer for everyone, while at the same time it makes our home look stylish. 

It may seem like an impossible job to build a home that is both eco-conscious and fashionable, but let's make it easier than you think. 

Eco-friendly furniture companies are now making pieces that fit well into every design scheme made with sustainable materials. In addition, there are simple and cheap DIY projects that can help you create a beautiful and secure space for the planet.

Eco-friendly interior design focuses on enhancing the quality of indoor air, as well as reducing the environmental effect of furniture purchases. As a consequence, they lead to decreasing urban air emissions and reducing the risk of health problems.

We are still buying clothes and food that are sustainable... so why not also buy eco-friendly furniture? Fortunately, there are amazing brands that deliver environment friendly and excellent design furniture. Here is a list of 9 brands that serve as the best source for eco-friendly affordable furniture.


Sabai makes new and sustainable sofas that are affordably priced. The sustainable furniture company considers every aspect of its furniture to have an ecological effect. Fabrics made of natural fibers and recycled water bottles, FSC-certified wood, and recycled fiber pillows are used by the company.

Through its life-cycle deals, The Sabai Standard, the brand takes full responsibility for their goods to help society minimize furniture waste and the carbon footprint of products.


Myakka, along with its manufacturers in India, Vietnam, and Thailand, is a certified sustainable and eco-friendly furniture business paying competitive prices to its staff. To ensure quality development, the firm visits their workshops twice a year. 

Every product you choose from Myakka is useful, beautiful, reliable, and long-lasting. That way, fair trade is neither a charity nor a compromise, but you would be proud to accept your home as a real delight. 

All of their high-quality furniture pieces are a companion for life, made of richly grained sheesham, mango, and recycled pine. These fast-growing woods are extracted from government-managed sustained forests.


Thuma is a brand known for its elevated nature and premium craftsmanship that is globally influenced. The company, based in San Francisco, manufactures thoughtful bedroom furniture designed to suit the needs of your lifestyle.

The furniture is made from a sustainable tree plantation with repurposed rubberwood. Thuma also gives back to Mother earth by collaborating with One Tree Planted by planting a tree with every purchase.


Each time you step into a room, Joybird's stunning mid-century modern pieces are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. 

In a workshop in Mexico where craftspeople earn competitive salaries, medical benefits, and a healthy work environment, this furniture is custom-made. Joybird plants more trees than were used in the manufacture of one item sold in an attempt to help conserve the forests.


Urban Wood designs sustainable furniture made from environmentally friendly fabrics and finished with non-toxic stains dependent on water. 

Instead of opting for recycled or locally sourced, responsibly harvested timber, the company avoids sourcing tropical hardwoods to minimize their environmental effect. The brand offers a thoughtfully designed collection of furniture that keeps up with your daily life, made from the best and long-lasting woods.


Made Trade is a collector of some of the finest pieces produced by makers of sustainable furniture from all over the world. They hand-pick specific pieces from designers using strict ethical and environmental guidelines.


These handpicked items include eco-friendly dining furniture and sustainable furniture for living rooms like coffee tables, stools, bookshelves, and even sustainable rugs. And they sell all kinds of eco-friendly housewares and decorations to completely decorate your dream house.


VivaTerra furniture is made of a variety of materials, such as wood frames that are reclaimed or FSC-certified, and accents of recycled glass. Their eco linen sofas have a linen exterior and soy-based and recycled fiber filling.

Sofas, cabinets, storage, dining tables, chairs, mirrors, beds, and sustainable home decor are part of VivaTera's collection of globally-inspired furniture that combines modern designs with natural materials.


Viesso is an environment-friendly furniture company that uses renewable and recycled materials, avoids harsh chemicals, and manufactures goods in the U.S. 

Organic cotton, linen, recycled fabrics, reclaimed wood, and all-natural latex are among the sustainable materials Viesso uses. Viesso also guarantees transparent production and a lower carbon footprint by production locally in the U.S. due to shortened shipping distances.


EcoBalanza creates furniture from all-natural fabrics like organic cotton and FSC-certified wood. 

Only suppliers with certificates from third parties, such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the Global Organic Textile Standard, and Greenguard, are eco-friendly brands. All sustainable furniture from EcoBalanza is handcrafted by skilled artisans.

Select Your Eco-friendly Furniture

Eco-friendly furniture creates less environmental harm and makes the atmosphere in your home cleaner. You'll get fewer toxic contaminants, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), released into your home's air when you select eco furniture made with minimal amounts of chemicals.

Eco-friendly furniture is also more economical than the traditional style of furniture, contrary to common opinion. The key explanation is that recycled materials are mostly made from organic furniture, which is much affordable than the processed furniture. Besides that, eco-friendly materials have a different texture that could offer a really interesting touch to your home.

Out of a desire to protect our globe, another reason people turn to eco-friendly furniture is. We also have a duty to take care of this planet that we live on, and one way to do that is to purchase sustainable goods.

The greatest quality of all is that at the forefront of the trend is eco-friendly furniture. You don't have to pick between environmental security and the option of furniture you love; you can have both of them!

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