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Standing Desks

Standing Desks and Their Effect on The Future Office

As we begin to adapt to our new normal, we examine the short- and long-term trends and developments that will shape the workplaces we will occupy in the aftermath of the pandemic.

The way we enter the office building, use it, navigate it, and leave it at the end of the day has all evolved to a focus on safety, public health, and constant vigilance.

In this article, we look at how the workplace may alter in the years following the lockdown and how standing desks affect the future office.

The advent of the agile workplace has sparked new ideas in interior design all across the world. And, with the office design revolution affecting everyone, we're highlighting a workplace essential that anyone can implement: The Standing Desk.

Standing desks with adjustable heights are the way of the future in offices and workspaces across the country, from large corporations to digital startups. But, did you know that the pinnacle of healthy design has been used for centuries?

David Roentgen is a German cabinetmaker who is noted for creating concealed drawers and compartments in his dressing tables, workstations, and other furniture. 

While most of us don't require the complex engineering of a full Roentgen desk, we at MultiTable realize that everyone can benefit from one of his other inventions: the first height adjustable desk.

Height-adjustable standing desks are the way to go!

Recent research shows that switching from a sedentary workplace environment to a standing desk layout can boost employee health, mood, and productivity.

A standing desk is a multi-functional piece of furniture that can improve mobility while also providing long-term health benefits, in addition to increasing productivity and attentiveness. 

How Standing Desks Affect The Future Office

Personalization will be prevalent in the new modern workplace, from standing workstations to lighting fixtures to temperature controls and more. We are becoming more mindful of our work environment. 

Sit-stand desks adjust in height so you can sit or stand whenever you choose. It allows you to change your position and avoid the health dangers connected with prolonged sitting.

Employee productivity is directly proportional to their happiness. Unhealthy employees are less productive at work, take more time off, create lower-quality work, and are more likely to experience burnout. Using standing workstations is one method to combat this.

Those who sit for extended periods of time show more indicators of psychological distress than those who sit for shorter periods of time. It's been proven that standing at your workplace can improve your mood and relieve melancholy, exhaustion, and tension. A sit-stand desk allows you to take these pauses to improve your mood and productivity.

For individuals considering a standing desk, the capacity to conduct daily tasks such as sending emails or answering phone calls is a major issue. When the body as a whole is in better shape, it functions more effectively and, as a result, efficiency can be predicted to improve.

Float Flexi is a modern desk with a height-adjustable system that is designed to boost productivity by reducing sedentary work habits.


You don't need to wait 15 minutes to have a quick conversation with a coworker. You can talk about lunch plans or the status of your most recent project by crossing the aisle or catching each other's attention. Standing desk environments provide a relaxed attitude and open communication.

Using a standing desk allows you to get the movement you need to increase your vigor and alertness by increasing circulation and bringing oxygen to your brain. 

Atmosphere's Apple Flexi Mini is a simple height-adjustable standing workstation that encourages regular body mobility.


Let’s Install Standing Desks In Your Workplace!

Standing desks have now been installed in the headquarters of major technology companies such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Standing tables not only promote employee health but also increase office productivity.

With a click of a button, a modern standing workstation may be transformed into a classic desk. As a result, an employee might benefit from the best of both worlds.

Let's get started right away if you think standing desks are the way to go for your company.

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