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15 Unknown Benefits Of Using Standing Desk

Long sitting periods have a huge effect on our well-being. This can include neck pain, muscle degeneration, and weakening bones, which are just a few of the issues involved with sitting too long.

By incorporating a standing desk into your workstation, you can combat these symptoms and give your body a chance to enjoy all the health benefits that go along with it.

Getting the ability to switch between standing and sitting postures will help minimize the physical stress the body is experiencing. It keeps you busy at work and increases your productivity all day. 

Sit-stand desks go up and down so that you can sit or stand whenever you feel like it. It gives you the freedom to vary your posture and to combat the health risks associated with sitting too long.


Helps to Reduce Back Pain

Back pain is something that most people would endure over their lifetimes, and one of the biggest concerns for office employees who are sitting all day. Float Flexi desk by Atmosphere with clean geometry and a height-adjustable system can help reduce back pain.

Strengthen Muscles

Standing provides a workout to your core muscles without even understanding it. Use a stand-up desk conversion to engage your abdominal muscles without having to think about it.  If you don't like core exercises, why don't you make it easy with the Atmosphere Flexi Series?

Enhances Mood

Those who sit for long hours a day display more signs of psychological distress than those who sit less. Standing at your desk has been shown to boost your attitude and alleviate depression, fatigue, and stress. Sit-stand desk helps you take such breaks to enhance your mood and efficiency.

Improves Body Posture

Posture is a key player in physical health and appearance. Extended sitting periods can be detrimental to both your posture and your well-being. Bad posture can lead to pain in the back and neck and can affect the location and function of your abdominal organs. A standing workstation helps you stretch as you work, which is a healthy business practice for your posture and efficiency.

Build Productivity

The ability to complete everyday activities, such as sending emails or answering phone calls, is a common concern for those interested in a standing desk. If the body as a whole is in better condition, it performs more effectively and, in turn, can be fairly expected to improve efficiency. Lara Flexi is a modern desk with a height-adjustable system, designed to add in spruce of productivity by helping you eliminate the sedentary work life.

Strengthen Bones

Lack of exercise can cause weak bones and even osteoporosis. Walking, or standing, contribute to tougher, stronger bones. Small breaks are required from your long sitting hours, where standing workstations can help.

Boost Energy Level

Using a standing desk helps generate the movement you need to boost circulation and bring oxygen to your brain, which will increase your vitality and alertness. Apple Flexi by Atmosphere is a minimalist height adjustable standing desk that will help you with timely body movement.

Reduces Leg Fatigue

Seated work needs to be broken up on a daily basis with standing work. As well as avoiding too much-sitting jobs, it should also be avoided to stay in a static standing position. That is why it is recommended that you periodically charge or shift weight between your legs in order to minimize fatigue in your legs. A sit-stand desk helps you do that!

Improves Mental Concentration

Moving stimulates the development of new brain cells and increases logical thinking and concentration. Dyna Flexi is an ergo adjustable desk that can easily be lifted to provide an ideal place to work, write or read. 

Improves Flexibility

Too much sitting limits the mobility of all the muscles, including ribs, biceps, and quads. You should try standing at your desk and expanding your yoga routine. Standing desks will help to raise the flexibility.

Improved Team Building and Coordination

You don't have to wait 15 minutes to have a short talk with a colleague. You can pop across the aisle or capture each other's attention and chat about lunch plans or progress on your most recent project. Standing desk atmospheres lend themselves to a spirit of ease and open interaction.

Reduced Obesity Risk

A lot of people working in workplace environments are battling a creeping rise in weight that sometimes comes with a workplace career. Fast Company reported on a study concerning standing desks, which found that 18 people who had spent three months using a sit-in desk had lost weight. Although their body structure remained the same, they shed their pounds, which is a good goal of their own.

Helps You Live Longer

Studies have shown a clear correlation between increased sitting time and early death. This is not surprising considering the clear correlation between sedentary time, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. With a sit-stand desk, you can reduce the sitting time to avoid the risk of illness.

Improves Digestion

When you sit at the table, your body compresses the digestive tract, which actually stops the capacity to absorb and process food. This normally results in heartburn, headaches, constipation, and other digestive problems. It may also contribute to intestinal disorders including allergy, asthma, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, and obesity. With sit-stand desks, you can improve your digestion by doing your work efficiently while standing.

Helps in Creative Thinking

The desking system does play a role during brainstorming sessions and team meetings. When a simple improvement in your lifestyle led to huge changes in resourcefulness and creativity, you must adopt it. A slight change in standing provides more blood flow to the brain that enables the core processor to function at full capacity. Get in touch with your creative side with a stand-up desk!


Reducing sedentary time will improve physical, metabolic, and mental health. That's why sitting less and standing more is such a significant lifestyle change. The use of a sit-stand desk will boost productivity, focus, and enhance your creativity.

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