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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up a Home Office in a Small Space

December 18, 2020 Home Office

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up a Home Office in a Small Space

Have you taken your home office space into consideration? 

To ensure comfort and satisfaction, a well-thought-out home office is sufficient, but it's even more important when you only have a small room for your headquarters. 

You should be able to turn a tiny nook, laundry room, wardrobe, dining room, or other space in your home into a workable home office with a little imagination, and hard work.

It can be as simple to set up a home office as collecting unused furniture and appliances here and there or as difficult as redesigning your home to create a separate home office.

Setting up your home office means you have a great deal of freedom and choice. Want a funky color chair? Go for it! 

But when you set it up, there are plenty of things that can go wrong, so read up on few common missteps to ensure that you turn your small home office into a spot where you can work efficiently.

This will help you in creating a small home office that will help you increase work productivity while also keep you healthy.


Installing the Office in the Wrong Spot 

Using the wrong room as your office is another mistake you might make. The room under the stairs may be a good place for your office, but all of your electronic equipment does not have enough electrical sockets to support it. 

Keep in mind that the place you choose should be comfortable and encourage you to be productive and efficient when building your home office.


Setting-up Home Office Near Distracting Objects

The number one efficiency killer is distractions: your TV, the dog barking, someone's mobile phone ringing. It becomes difficult to focus when your job is continually disrupted by the noise of the outside world. 

Time is money, and you don't want to waste time trying to find a focus for yourself. Try to pick a room for your office that's away from the main flow of foot traffic through the building.

While covering distracting sights, curtains or opaque window liners may let in light. A thick wooden door and acoustic wall tiles will diminish outside disturbances for you to make calls in silence.


Office Set-up With Poor Furniture

The furniture is another cause of distraction for some home office employees. If you have an old desk and an awkward chair, it can make your office an unwelcoming space and even lead to issues with your back and neck.

The perfect chair is one that adapts to your individual body and re-adjusts the way you sit, type, or roll around your desk to accommodate the changes.

Find an ergonomic chair that looks comfortable for you. You can also invest in an ergonomic mouse and keyboard to support your hands and arms.

For your work, your desk is crucial. Having as much surface area as you can afford to fit into your office is advisable. Go for an adjustable desk to avoid sedentary lifestyles. Standing desks can make the movement from sitting to standing completely effortless.

Read our blog on 15 Desk Ideas Perfect For Small Spaces for creating a small home office with the right office desk.

You need to have both efficient and comfortable furniture!


Lack of Space For Your Files & Office Accessories

You can find that files will overrun you easily, depending on your business. At the start of your home business, the small computer table placed near your dining area may be adequate, but you may soon find that as your business expands, you need a book, filing, and storage space. You will then face a shortage of file space and bookshelf.

To optimize the use of vertical space, you can look at various available cabinet organizing systems, such as wire racks on cabinet shelves or multipurpose display board. Consider adding built-in bookcases or Pedestal storage in an aesthetically pleasing manner to your home office plans for storing books, documents, files, and office supplies. 

  Pedestal storage  

Choosing an Inadequate Space Layout 

You have fewer layout choices in a small office, so before purchasing new furniture, it is necessary to draw out and measure your ideas. 

Keep office equipment together, such as a printer near the machine or a bookshelf near your office chair. Make sure you have sufficient space to move smoothly around the room without zigzagging around the furniture. 

It's necessary to separate your work and leisure time by setting up your office. If family members are home when you are working, during work hours, implement time intervals with no interruptions.

When you're done for the day try to avoid using your office for other household tasks.


Appearance of Power Cords in Your Home Office

The last thing you want is to trip over tangled electrical cords while setting up a home office in a small room. Try using a power strip that holds cables neat and tidy to eliminate chargers and cords.

Behind your desk and along the walls, tuck your cables and wires away. To help handle them and prevent them from tangling together you can use zip ties and even bread clips. 

Make use of cable organizers for a clean and organized workspace. A desk, with an inbuilt electrical socket, can be a perfect fit for designers of modern ages.


Ready to Set Up a Home Office in Small Space? 

While it may be small, but your home office can be a place of productivity and inspiration. For not only efficiency but also mental health and morale, working under acceptable conditions is very vital. 

Whether it's your office premises or a small home workspace job, always keep your workstation well organized. 

Our work life is something that takes up a large portion of our lives. Therefore, instead of just experiencing it is important to enjoy it.

You can build a home office in small space that encourages you to work hard each day by avoiding common pitfalls when setting up your room.