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15 Working From Home Memes That’ll Brighten Up Your Day

December 29, 2020 Home Office

15 Working From Home Memes That’ll Brighten Up Your Day

The world is under a pandemic attack and the new status quo for us all is 'Work From Home'. 

For the majority of employees today, work from home is an entirely new situation, and many are overwhelmed with trying to handle this unfamiliar way of living and working. But no matter how hard life can get in the present-day world of social alienation, there are always ways to hold your mind high, and one of them is right in front of your eyes!

The best savior in your boring schedule can be the work of home memes that can make you smile a little. We hope you'll get a much-needed break from your work scenes with these funny work memes.

With our list of 15 funny remote work memes that completely relate to every WFH employee's life, have a good laugh and forget about the pandemic dread for a little while.


Work From Home Means No Distractions

Your children or pets can be one of the top distractions when you work from home. It can be hard to get some job done if the pets jump over you, kids are running around, talking loudly, watching TV, or arguing with each other.

  No Distractions  

Work From Schedule Be Like

Working from home means managing your own time & schedule 

Sounds good right? 

Many at-home employees find themselves in great trouble without the schedule. They're sleeping indoors, they're procrastinating, and they're telling themselves they're going to knock it out later.

  Work From Schedule  

Zoom Meetings

Meetings can be easy and simple in the workplace. Maybe you're in the same room or just a short walk down the hall from there and you are well-dressed for a meeting.  When you're operating remotely, you don't have this. As a notification pops up, you have to join the Zoom Meeting.

  Zoom Meetings  

No More Alarms

Do you remember the day you woke up two hours before you had to get to work? Don't set the alarm for 6:30 am anymore. Now, the regular two-minute commute is yours.

  No More Alarms  

Introverts Post COVID

Some of you might love the current work from home scenario, especially if you are an introvert. But once the lockdown is over, your enjoyment will get over too.

  Introverts Post COVID  

How to Focus on Work While Working From Home

If in this below image,  you can't quite say that hero is a student or a remote worker. During the COVID-19 era, both are doing their business from home, so it's a moot point. 

Your job can only be distracted from fire, pizza, and zombies.

  Focus on Work While WFH  

Work From Means Zero Commuting

When the government announced the lockdown, the Uber drivers’ reaction can be seen below.

  Zero Commuting  

Meetings from Home

You'd think you'd be able to straighten up with all of the extra flexibility you have from remote work. While attending online meetings, your experience can be completely different. Aside from the room in front of your camera, what does the rest of your house look like? 

  Meetings from Home  

‘Cat’astrophic event

When your cat judges you more about the way you treat the lifestyle of the WFH and is tired of too long of you being in the house. All right, who are we kidding? But anyway, cats are judgmental, right?   ‘Cat’astrophic event  

A Sudden Video Call from Boss

When the entire workplace around you is crumbling and you are an utter mess, the only way you can look good? By wearing a blazer, you might be wearing your dirtiest pair of pyjamas and yet have a professional look. Is this how it feels that you have a superpower?

  Video Call from Boss  

Work From Home Routine

While working from home, there is no set time for working, and the laziness can be clearly seen in the below image.

  Work From Home Routine

Work From Environment 

During the start, you make a separate workspace to work with focus. But after some time the work environment is completely different.

  Work From Environment   

Work From Home For Dentists

Most of the businesses are facing troubles due to the current situation, but Dentists find their way of working from home. See how!

  WFH For Dentists

Family Distractions While Working From Home

One of the other top distractions, when you work from home, is a noisy environment. Your children or any other family member may be doing something so loud that your thoughts are distracted by it or they may interrupt during your office calls.


Work on Weekends

While working from home, there is no difference between a weekday or weekend, as you have to stay at home on both.

  Work on Weekends

So How’s Your Work from Home Going?

Working from home memes provides an avenue that just takes a few seconds out of your day, with all the distractions of working from home, family, friends, and social media.