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15 Desk Ideas Perfect For Small Spaces

December 8, 2020 Desk

15 Desk Ideas Perfect For Small Spaces

You might think your tiny studio apartment can't accommodate a home office, but with the right desk, you can transform any room into the perfect workspace — yes, even that uncomfortable, unused corner you've been ignoring. 

You can choose from our sleek and minimalistic desks, floating desks, or standing desks.

You would be more efficient with a well-designed office workspace, whether you have moved your job from an office to home or just need a place to browse the web, pay bills, or check emails. But what if you don't have space for an actual office at home? If you can find the right small desk, it will not be a problem. 

Work with our trendy Home Office range from anywhere and complete the to-do list in style! 

You can turn a corner of your living room into a mini home office with a small desk. 

Here are some great small space solutions, from floating desks to sit-stand desks, to give you inspiration.


Leaning Desk is a huge space-saver! This desk mounts directly to the wall and can fold up or out as needed. It has an industrial look that you can match with any chair or stool and even if you only have a few spare square feet, it provides plenty of workspaces.  

  • Ladder Desk

  ladder-desk /br Source:  

For professionals who want to build a home office in a small space like a living room, an entrance, or a bedroom, ladder desks are perfect. Because of their design, ladder desks help you save space. They also act as bookcases, storage areas, and you can lean them against the wall.


Connect ECO Wall-Mounted Kiosk is a modern office kiosk designed with a fabric panel and a magnetic whiteboard which gives it an elegant appearance. It is designed to perfectly fit a corner of your small office space. It’s sleek and stylish design gives it a classy and royal look for your home office. When the weekend arrives, simply fold it, and you don't even want to think about work.


With its built-in electrical socket, the Tokyo Wall Mounted Foldable Desk is a great match for modern-day designers. The clean and sleek style makes it the perfect companion for your small and tiny workstation and free of clutter for your home office. It fits nicely in a small space, and it has a wide space to keep your desktop to allow you not to feel cramped.


A blend of simplicity and flexibility, Lara is a small work desk. It is a great specimen of Minimal Design. A work desk that fits small spaces well and gives a rich traditional look. The natural wood appearance and sharp color features make it more elegant. It offers a mid-century look with its slim legs and angular back frame. It comes with the required accessories to finish your work desk - Yellow Multipurpose Pen Stand and Metal Book Stand and Divider in Rosewood Color.

  • Murphy Desk For Small Space

  murphy-desk   Source: The Murphy Desk is a smart desk perfect for a small space office. This wall-mounted desk folds up and fits flat against the wall when not necessary, with legs and work surface all attached to hinges.      

Leo Mini is a sleek and minimal desk. It comes with a cable manager to help you properly organize and handle those unruly cables. The compact and lightweight desk is built with 3 lockable compartments filled to store the necessities of your office. To save space on the floor and make your home decor more colorful, the Leo Mini is perfectly elegant.


The floating desk is a collapsible wall mounted desk with an adjustable height. This is perfect for your home workstation because of its clean geometry with big desk space. Loaded with Reading Light and Electric Plug Sockets.

  • Corner Desk

  corner-desk   Source:

A corner desk provides a spacious work area with plenty of storage space. In contrast with standard office desks, it can accommodate several more drawers and extra features. Usually, a corner desk looks spacious if you have enough room in your home office. This desk knows how to get the most out of your home's unused corner nook, quickly converting it into your new home office.


My Space is a small desk that is simply built, stylish, and workable. To keep your office essentials organized, this is a minimal desk with storage below. The color of White & Oakwood gives it a trendy look to suit the interior of your room well.


Fold Flexi is a small standing desk with a height-adjustable desk system and appropriate accessories that offer you several applications in a small space in a single piece of furniture. It is a smart desk that is AI-enabled, designed to set personalized desk operations and standing objectives. With this tiny computer table, you'll have your own work spot.


Dyna Flexi is a small space desk with an ergonomic height change that makes it an elegant and sleek alternative to a traditional desk. It is an adjustable standing desk that offers an ideal position for working, writing, or reading. With the AiDesk app, Dyna Flexi provides great features, including smart connectivity.

The Apple Mini is a height-adjustable desk with a contemporary, minimalist style. It is a sleek and smart desk built to match your space in every corner. Apple Mini is lightweight but has great features, including intelligent AiDesk app connectivity.


Lara Flexi is a modern standing desk with drawers to store necessities for your office. It can fit in any corner of your house and it mixes everywhere instantly. It is a smart desk with an AiDesk app that allows you to quickly move between standing and sitting positions. By providing maximum space to keep all the workstation's needs in one position, it saves space in the room.

  • Floating Window Desk

  Floating-Window-Desk Source:

You need to find ingenious and clever ideas in order to achieve a flexible and airy interior design for your small office space. A floating window desk is a modern alternative that allows you to free up some floor space and acquire an airy decor without abandoning functionality. 

So Which One Fits Your Small Space?

There are plenty of desks for small rooms, regardless of the available square feet, regardless of whether you have a teeny-tiny at-home office or have carved out a workspace on the side of your bedroom or living room. 

These choices optimize every inch of space, from a wall-leaning ladder desk that can creep into a corner of the room to a floating desk that leaves space for a filing cabinet to roll underneath.